Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pasty Pasta

I got the Creative Moments For Kids cards back out yesterday. The girls both wanted to do this one, so I did my best with what I could find in the cupboard.

I managed 4 shapes of pasta and puy lentils. I think I need to branch out in my dried pasta selection. I set the table up with a little pot of white glue and a paint brush each, paper plates to create the pasty pasta creations on and bowls of pasta shapes in the middle. I then let the girls get to work...

Emma spent a lot of time arranging the different shapes into a pattern, even though it looks like she just threw a handful of stuff on to see what would stick. Charlotte carefully drew a picture of a rabbit, then worked out which shapes to use where before glueing it all down. Here are the results, drying on the windowsill. Next, they want to paint them.

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