Saturday, 7 July 2012

Playing with clay

For Emma's 4th birthday, a friend gave her a pack of coloured air-drying clay. I was expecting heavy, thick clay like we used as kids, but I was very surprised once we opened the packet. Each individual wrapper in the packet contained a chunk of soft, lightweight coloured clay. It reminded us a bit of silly putty as it stretches out like melted cheese when you pull it slowly, but when you pull it quickly it snaps. Not like clay at all, but so much more fun!

The girls had been watching Mr Maker and asked if we could make some "yolk folk" like he had made, so this was the first project.
Charlotte's, Emma's, Mummy's, Charlotte's (with a bit of help from Mummy), Charlotte's and Daddy's

After that, we had a lot of bits of clay left so the girls both made horses with the leftovers. It was bright, clean, easy to use and I have just ordered a load more from Yellow Moon.

Charlottes and Emma's horses.


  1. And I am following suit. We'll have a clay off :o)

  2. ... and wow! It's so super cheap too.

  3. Looking forward to a clay off! x