Thursday, 26 July 2012

Trophy making

Yesterday, as we were unable to go out in the sun (one small person has terrible heat rash) we stayed in for the morning and made trophies. We are having a birthday party at the weekend which involves 10-pin bowling, so the girls and I made winners' trophies.

We have some leftover silver plastic goblets from Emma's party and we also used plastic balls, cardboard, an empty playdoh pot and lid, a plastic bowl, kitchen roll, stickers, pva glue and glass paints.

The girls made handles from cardboard and stuck them to their goblets with magic tape, then they painted them with gold and silver glass paints. Emma also used a variety of stickers to decorate hers.
The gold trophy was assembled then covered with a couple of layers of kitchen roll and pva. I then painted it with gold glass paint and used a sharpie pen to add the details.
The multicoloured trophy was Charlotte's. She also assembled and (with a little help) covered the trophy with kitchen roll and pva. She then painted it and after the picture was taken she added the details to hers with a sharpie too.

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