Wednesday, 18 April 2012

And so it begins...

I tend to find myself thinking "I like that, I could make one of those" and so I try, with very mixed results. I am a creative type, I see junk as materials for making the next project, and often rope my children in to the process, whether they like it or not. I decided it was time to start cataloguing my making experiences, and maybe I can inspire somebody else to be a little bit more creative than they realised they could be.

I'll start with the 4th birthday party that we threw for Emma, my rather eclectic little princess. She announced that she wanted a Princess party and so I looked online at entertainers. I balked at the prices and found myself muttering "I could do something just as good for a lot less money" and things escalated from there. We hired the local village hall and hired a bouncy castle with the theme for the party being "Princesses and Knights".

We also bought a helium canister from the local party shop and blew up loads of balloons, bought a big re-useable fairytale backdrop and put together a making table:
Making crowns and shields

1. Design a jewelled goblet (bought on Amazon, but no longer available). You can always use clear plastic ones.
2. Create a crown (using stick on jewels and stickers).
3. Design a shield (I cut out cardboard ones and let them colour these in and stick things on them)
4. Colour in themed pictures, printed at home after a google search to find relevant images.

I bought loads of cheap stickers and stick on jewels from amazon and eBay, and brought crayons, pens and wax crayons from home.
My friend Karen helping with the goblets

I made simple fairy cakes and themed the icing to the party and, ta-dah! One very happy princess.

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