Monday, 23 April 2012

Family sea collage

I went back to the gym today for the first time since before Christmas. I've had a bad shoulder, which would probably have been better sooner if I had done even the slightest bit of exercise, but I am an all or nothing person and unfortunately my body is not thanking me for it.

As a result, my usual Monday baking session became a lie on the sofa watching a repeat of QI until school pick up time. But as this is not very creative or inspiring, I thought I'd talk about a much more creative day I had with my children a few months back. It has been sitting waiting to be framed for ages and I really must get it done before it gets wrecked.

It all started when we went to the beach and the girls collected loads of shells. Of course, when we got home they wanted to make something with them. Once again, things escalated and we trawled our "making boxes" for stuff to make an undersea scene. The girls stuck all their shells on the sand while I ripped and stuck strips of blue paper to make the sea. They then embellished the sea with wool, beads, glitter, ribbon and sequins (I have A LOT of making stuff stashed away!). I got a bit fussy about making the seaweed as they just couldn't do it to my exacting standards, then Charlotte made a shoal of fish and Emma and I made hand print octopuses. That was it, easy to do and kept us all busy for a whole afternoon.

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