Thursday, 26 April 2012

Button craft

A while back, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a link to a page of button craft creations. There were some beautiful things on there and my friend made a gorgeous Christmas wreath with buttons donated from all her family members. I thought that familiar line... I could do something like that.

Button snowman
So, last Christmas my family received tree decorations, based on some I saw on the button page my friend posted. I finally learned blanket stitch to make these, something I had been meaning to do for a while, so I could also finally finish my daughters' Christmas stockings that had been half made for a couple of years.

So after the Christmas decorations I thought I'd branch out into something a bit more permanent, like a cushion. I went to Wilkinsons and bought a cheap cushion with machine embroidered twigs on it. I then sewed on a few sequins and buttons to brighten it up and match it to the colour scheme of my sitting room.

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