Friday, 4 May 2012

I did not make this today, but...

My sister reminded me of something I made a while back for my daughter's birthday. She was into Maisy Mouse at the time (Charlotte, not my sister) and I made this for them to play with at her birthday party. I think the box was left over from when we had a new kitchen delivered, and not one to throw anything out unless I have to, it went up in the loft for a while. Anyway, here is the Maisy thing:

Now I shall find out if certain people are reading the blog, as they are bound to comment on this picture - the things you do when your 3-year-old niece asks you to!
The picture is acrylic paint on cardboard. I cut the face holes out then lined each hole with brown gummed paper so the kids didn't get paper cuts on their faces.

Some friends were talking the other day about how much kids love a good cardboard box, I don't think I ever grew out of it, and have to admit I have boxes full of boxes in the loft - they always come in useful.


  1. I would have done it even if she hadn't asked fact we probably all would! Charlotte was lucky to have a character left!

  2. Your 3 year old niece? Don't you mean daughter?

  3. Ahhh, I confused the situation. I was referring to the fact that her 2 uncles and her aunt were poking their heads through the picture with her. When they see that I have uploaded this picture they might not be too pleased.