Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Painted chair

We had some new wardrobes fitted in our bedroom a few weeks ago, and they are dark red gloss - I am in love with both the look of them and the storage they provide. I wanted to make the rest of the room really minimal, and so all we have in the room is a bed, bedside tables and a big leaner mirror. As there is nothing else in the room that is red, I thought I'd better rectify the situation.

We have a hardwood chair that has been in my husband's family for a few generations, and it has never had a proper home in our house. It bravely put itself forward as my first ever piece of painted furniture. I had been talking to our decorator (yes, I have given up on thinking I can decorate - I can't, I'm too messy and my arms ache too quickly) and he recommended this undercoat for furniture painting. So I bought a tin and 2 coats later, here is the first stage of the chair painting.

I had some paint mixed to match the colour of the wardrobes and painted 4 coats onto the chair to give it a whole new lease of life:

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