Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My creative kids

I'm having a day off today. It was such lovely weather that I decided to be destructive in the garden instead of creative in the house. I chopped 2 big bushes down and hauled them off, then felt all weak and had to sit down and watch my mum do some of my gardening instead.

While I was outside, I noticed how much the children enjoy being creative. They have had chalks outside and decorated the path, which is great, because a bit of water and it's all clean again.

They definitely have the creative streak, as I often come downstairs in the morning to find them furiously scribbling away at some new picture or creation. I have to say, my current favourite is Emma's trouser people, that she thought up all by herself before proudly presenting them to me.

Luckily, they also take after their dad, so they have rhythm (which I totally lack), an interest in music and the three of them love playing Mario together on the Wii!

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